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🎉Half Price Campaign for Nagasaki Prefecture Citizen🎉


Hi guys, it's Angela from Gunkanjima Concierge.

We sincerely hope everyone is fine and did not suffer from any disease.

We have re-opened our tour since July 23rd with COVID-19 prevention measures.

Let me show you some photos

It is extremely hot recently, especially in the island. However, every one still wore masks to prevent the disease. Thanks for all passengers' cooperation❤️

In these three weeks, there were some of foreign passengers who living in Japan joined our tour.

(Japanese and foreign passengers from Okinawa )

Thank you for your coming and hope you had a great time .

We have a good news to all of you who live in Nagasaki Prefecture.

🎉Half Price Campaign for Nagasaki Prefecture Citizen🎉

Not only Japanese but also foreigners who now is living in Nagasaki prefecture.

Please check👇👇


Hurry up to phone us to make the reservation📞:095-895-9300 😊😊

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