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Hope to see you soon ✨😭


Hi guys, it is Angela from Gunkanjima Concierge.

First of all, we would like to express our thanks to all who put efforts into against COVID-19.

And we sincerely hope everyone is fine and did not suffer from it.

Gunkanjima Concierge has been closed for almost 4 months to prevent the spread of COVID-19.  But we never forget our customers and miss you all pretty much.

We are glad to proclaim that Gukanjima Landing and Crusing Tour held by Gunkajima Concierge will be re-opended on 23rd, July, 2020

Due to the policy of Japan government, most of foreigners are not able to enter Japan temporarily. BUT!!!!!!! We still want to show you a little bit about what we are doing recently.

During this four months, we work at home and have different kinds of online lessons. For example English, Korean, Thai, dance, World Heritage Knowledge, Nagasaki on.  All lessons are planed by our staffs own.

Besides, to provide enjoyable but safe Gunkanjima tour, we have kept collecting information and trying different ways to test. Including temperature checking, hand rub, masks wearing..etc.


Of course, just like movie spoiler, there are just parts of our AGAINST COVID-19 PLAN!!

Please keep following us 😊till the open permit is coming, don't forget that Gunkanjima Concierge is here ready and waiting for you.❤️


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