About Our tour
At Gunkanjima Concierge, we do not just transport you to Gunkanjima and back. You can go on an informative and enjoyable tour with our guides and concierge safety supporters.  
Our offices, located at Tokiwa, near Glover Garden.
This sign marks the main office.
A presentation about Gunkanjima starts 30 minutes before departure.
This is our ship, the Hayate2.
Safety procedures are explained before boarding.
We pass below the Venus Wing.
Our route to Gunkanjima offers a good view of islands.
Our tour includes the history of these islands.
The ship makes a circuit of Gunkanjima to show the island from all angles.
On the island, our guides will talk about the history and  lifestyle of the inhabitants.
Photographs illustrate the island’s history.
Our tour accepts preschool-aged children, too.
Depending on the weather, we can lend you a straw hat or an umbrella for free.
Let’s go back to Tokiwa terminal!
About Our Tour