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Cancellation of Today's Morning Tour

Dear Customers,


Today’s tour has been cancelled due to high surf and swells.


Customers/Passengers safety is our priority, and we are sorry that we will not be able to operate the tour as you planed.


Here are some options you can choose;


1. You can change the date to attend the tour according to your             schedule. (seats are subject to availability)  Please let us know.    Call at +81-95-895-9300 or email us to

 2. You can visit Gunkanjima Digital Museum with half the price of    the admission fee.


       Adult                                             1,800 yen  → 900  yen

       High School and Middle School Student    1,300 yen   650 yen

       Elementary School Student            800 yen   400 yen


If you have paid for the cruise by your credit card in advance, please receive the refund at the museum after the deduction of the museum admission fee.


3.Customers/Passengers, who wish to cancel the tour, doesn’t have to let us know. The amount you paid on our website will be refunded to your credit card account automatically.  If you wish to receive the refund in cash, please come to our terminal.


We apologize again for your inconvenience.

Thank you.


Gunkanjima Concierge

Universal Workers, Co.