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Privacy policy

In order to have you use our service in security, we, the Gunkanjima Concierge Company, will ask you a minimum of personal information.
We will then conserve the received personal information with the greatest precaution.
About our policy of conservation of the datas:
  • || We swear to use the personal information of our usual and/or group customers registered by our staff, in the only way to produce and deliver the most advanced service possible.
  • || This privacy policy application extent is limited to services delivered at the Gunkanjima Concierge Company only. (The extent is defined below in the Article 1)
  • || Except if specified in the present text, we don't make use of the received personal information other than to achieve our objectives. (Our objectives are defined below in the Article 2)
  • || Except if specified in the present text, we won't give any of the received personal information to a third party. (The way of management of information is defined below in the Article 2)
  • || We will regularly take care of managing the received personal information in an appropriate way as mentioned in present text.
  • || The Gunkanjima Concierge Company reserves the right to proceed to modifications on the privacy policy, even without allowance of its users.
    • 1. Application extent limits of the Gunkanjima Concierge Company privacy policy
  • || The Gunkanjima Concierge Company privacy policy takes effect from the moment a member makes use of our services.
  • || All the information collected when a member makes use of our services, are managed following our personal information conservation system.
  • || The personal information conservation system is a service directly provided by the Concierge Company only, and the privacy policy does not takes effect under other sites and/or companies you may have been redirected to.
  • || The use of our services is under the responsibility of the user only.
  • || The Gunkanjima Concierge Company will not be responsible for any trouble caused when using any information from a source other than either the present page or the company's page.
    2.Collection and use of the personal information
    In order to create and provide the most advanced service possible to our members, we will have to ask you for a minimum of personal information.
  • || The user will be responsible for the conservation of his/her web shop access ID and password.
    • -We recommend the user to regularly change his/her password, and to not use easily understandable passwords such as your birth date and/or your phone number.
    • -Also, do not reveal it even to friends of yours.
    • -Do not fill up your password in an email or in the “Questions” category of our website.
  • || We will use the received personal information in a minimal way, and will never give any of these to a third party, unless in case such as below
  • || With the user's agreement
    • -When we would have to send the user an email to ask him his agreement concerning the use of his personal information
    • -When we would have to share a minimum of the personal information to a partner society of ours (for example, an outsourcing society)
    • -When we would send you an email advertising about our company and/or our partner company
    • -When we estimate the member's attitude to be in violation of our terms, and/or when we would have to protect the rights and/or property of our company or a third party's.
    • -When laws and/or the court and/or governmental facilities require the presentation of the personal information
  • || We beg the user to be willing to agree to above personal information terms of use and this without any rejection.
  • || The Concierge Company would also reserve the right to share the received personal information to its business partner, in such as below cases
    • -To inform users about special services, for businesses reasons.
      In this case, we will ask you for an agreement before sharing the personal information. We will not share any of these without your agreement
    • -When we would do market analyses or draw up statistic documents.
      In this case, we will only share processed personal information, to prevent from making possible someone's identification.
3.Contact us
Please contact us if you have any question concerning our privacy policy, above
In charge of the personal information management[]

About the security of homepage

It is encrypted and protected automatically by using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) for the personal information and confidential information that you provide us in reservation form, member login form, credit card payment form, etc. So please be assured that your info will be kept confidental.