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Regular Priority


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Gansho kun of Gunkanjima
General landing statistics 94.7%

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Gunkanjima Landing & Cruising plan

Priority(with museum ticket)

Gunkanjima Landing & Cruising plan Priority plan(with museum)


Boarding fee


Individual(1 to 14 person(s))
Adult 4,900yen
Junior high school student & High school student 3,950yen
Elementary schoolchild 2,400yen
Preschooler 1,250yen
Group(15 or above 15 persons)
Adult 4,450yen
Junior high school student & High school student 3,500yen
Elementary schoolchild 2,000yen
Preschooler 1,050yen

Specific day

e.g. Saturday, Sunday, National holidays,
Spring/Summer/Winter vacation, Golden Week holidays and so on.

Individual(1 to 14 person(s))
Adult 5,400yen
Junior high school student &
High school student
Elementary schoolchild 2,900yen
Preschooler 1,750yen
Group(15 or above 15 persons)
Adult 4,950yen
Junior high school student &
High school student
Elementary schoolchild 2,500yen
Preschooler 1,350yen

Gukanjima entrance fee (to Nagsaki City)

Individual(1 to 14 person(s))
Adult 310yen
Elementary schoolchild 150yen
Preschooler free
Group(15 or above 15 persons)
Adult 250yen
Elementary schoolchild 120yen
Preschooler free

Gunkanjima Digital Museum
ticket fee(This fee is required when entering the museum)

If you reserve a priority boarding plan on the Gunkanjima Concierge website,
the Gunkanjima Digital Museum ticket can be half price!
The change to the set plan is also possible on the tour day,
but advance reservation is a good deal!
  Regular fee For customers who preperchase priority boarding plan For customers who change to the set plan on the tour day or visit after the tour
Adult 1,800yen 900yen 1,300yen
Junior high school student & High school student 1,300yen 650yen 800yen
Elementary schoolchild 800yen 400yen 500yen

Gunkanjima Digital Museum ticket for half price & priority boarding ticket
It is a great plan that includes many things that you can experience only here.

If you make a reservation for landing tour and Gunkanjima Digital Museum together, you can take priority boarding on the landing tour.
(When returning from Gunkanjima, there is no priority boarding.)
You can visit the museum in advance, then enjoy the tour.
※ If you are interested in MR HoloLens experience, you can participate in the experience not within the tour (before boarding or after returning to the port)
One of the World Heritage Site of Japan's Meiji Industrial Revolution, and is the only experience-oriented World Heritage Center Museum in Nagasaki.

Priority(with museum)Flow of the day

1 The reception is in GDM (Gunkanjima Digital Museum).

First, please go to the world's first Gunkanjima Digital Museum (GDM).
Please get the "priority boarding ticket" at the boarding reception.
Reception & Distribution timeline
AM 9:00 ~ 9:40
PM 12:00~ 12:50

Please note that boarding reception and number distribution are available only at the time above. You can visit the museum again after the tour.

2 GDM tour

The facility where Japanese advanced IT techniques gathered here

※ You can continue to visit the museum after boarding. Also,you can visit the museum one day before/after the tour day. (However,for priority boarding,please check-in at the museum on the tour day)

Gunkanjima Symphony
Based on more than 3,000 photos and videos, the collage technique reproduces the atmosphere of those days.
A 30-meter wide screen shows images of the life in the island during those days, it makes you feel as if you were in Gunkanjima yourself.

Rhythm of the Island
Using projection mapping in the actual size "1/150 diorama", we recreated 3 days of the island including events and daily life. You can go through the changes from morning to noon and night of Gunkanjima by the projection.

Road to the Coal Mining Point
You can have a realistic experience like riding on a trolley or elevator (cage) inside of the mine tunnel that can not be seen now.
Gunkanjima Virtual Reality
The latest picture of Gunkanjima restricted district can be sensed in VR. Please wear the goggles and watch intently all 13 videos taken with the 360-degree camera. It's Gunkanjima in present!

Gunkanjima Building No.30
Building No.30 in Gunkanjima which has reached 100 years old. Check out the 1/30 models and interview with people who lived there.

Hashima Hell stairs recreation
We reproduced the famous hell stairs of Gunkanjima, and there is the Hashima Shrine behind the stairs.Every year, the donation received from the visitors is given to Nagasaki city by Gansho-kun as the representative of Gunkanjima Preservation. Here you can experience the World's first MS HoloLens (reservation required).

World Heritage Sites in the world
By using Google Earth, the world heritage sites all over the world are gathered into the large 4K screen. You can jump into any places with just one button.Specially developed with animation, the Industrial Revolution Heritage is the latest digital machine that allow you to enter into the restricted area of Gunkanjima freely by wheel steering.With the contract with Google headquarters, the latest update is always continued.

Katsuya Terada and 4 Dragon Projects
A series of paintings "Shi-Ryu (4 dragons)" created by a Japanese famous illustrator, Katsuya Terada.He was inspired by the four coal mines islands of Gunkanjima, Takashima, Iojima, and Ikejima and drew these 4 dragons corresponding to these islands.These 4 dragons which are drew by a marker pen on a large canvas are so powerful like it mostly pops out from the canvas.

Experience the World's first Mixed Reality with MS HoloLens

As experience time will be about one hour, we are waiting for your seperate reservations.

MR HoloLens experience Let's come and play with Gansho-kun For children from 8 years old

MR HoloLens experience
One of the attractive experiences after Gunkanjima tour (reservation required).
The 3D Gansho-kun appears in the real world. At the same time, he will play game with you while guiding you to get point. Especially, the parent and child experience is interesting. Nagasaki local Gunkanjima character, Gansho-kun transforms into his own character and lead you to a journey full of emotions. Don't worry because our professional staffs will gently guide you how to play.

3Gather at the reception of the GDM building, the staff will guide you to Tokiwa terminal

Tokiwa terminal

Gather at the reception in the GDM hall. The garthering time will be informed to you in advance. Please don't worry because our staff will inform you again when it's in time.
If you line up at the GDM reception, the staff will take you to the Tokiwa terminal, which is about 3 minutes on foot. Soon after, you will go on board the tour ship with priority.

Gathering time
AM Gather at 9:50
PM Gather at 13:10

4 Get on board & leave for the tour

Get on board and finally leave for the tour!