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Gansho kun of Gunkanjima
General landing statistics 94.7%

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Gunkanjima Landing & Cruising plan

Premium plan

premium plan

With "Premium ticket", let's explore the island at Gunkanjima Digital Museum before taking a reserved seat on the top floor deck of the cruise ship JUPITER along with various services.

premium plan
Premium benefit 1
Explore the island wonders
at Gunkanjima Digital Museum

We use the latest digital technology to introduce an Industrial Revolutionary Heritage of the Meiji Period in Japan - Gunkanjima Island (Toshima coal mining), which was recognized as the World Heritage site in July 2015.
Through the huge screen with the art of projection mapping, you can feel the island at its lively state, when it had the highest population density in the world. You can even step into the restricted areas which you can not see on the landing tour. After that, our staff will introduce to you the rest of museum, then you will be led to the boarding place. While boarding, you will be sitting on the "priority seat", so please take your time.

Coal Mining game in HoloLens experience is available as an option. (Additional fee required)

Gunkanjima Digital Museum
  • Gunkanjima Digital Museum
  • Gunkanjima Digital Museum
  • Gunkanjima Digital Museum
Premium benefit 2
Take a memorible photo with the captain

You can take a memorial photo
with the JUPITER's captain.

Take a memorible photo with the captain
Premium benefit 3
Best view from window seats on 2nd floor

Our onboard staff will be happy
to assist you with detailed guidances
and services.

Inboard the Jupiter
  • Inboard the Jupiter
  • Inboard the Jupiter
  • Inboard the Jupiter
Premium benefit 4
With various services neccessary for the tour

Opera glasses, travel sickness bands,
straw hats,
rental blankets (in winter),
raincoat (when raining).

Various services
Premium benefit 5
Relax on the front deck of the ship

You can enjoy
the most extensive scenery
on the front deck of the ship.
※ Only available in good weather condition.

Guide to the forward deck of the ship
Premium benefit 6
First priority to get off the ship at landing

You will have the first priority to get off
when the ship lands on Gunkanjima Island.
After visiting Gunkanjima Island, since you have taken the reserved seat
when boarding the ship, so please enjoy your visit until the end.

Priority disembarkation
Premium benefit 7
Cool services on the way return

On the return ship, Gansho-kun's
Rokuroku (Matcha roll cake) and wet tower service are included.

Gansho-kun's Rokuroku (Matcha roll cake)
Premium benefit 8
Gunkanjima Island
memorial gift

The gifts related to Gunkanjima Island
and photos were taken on the island (L version).

Gunkanjima Island memorial gift


Boarding fee


Individual(1 top 14 person(s))
Adult 8,000yen
Junior high school student &
High school student
Elementary schoolchild 5,000yen

(Gunkanjima admission fee included)

e.g. Saturday, Sunday,
National holidaysSpring/Summer/Winter vacation,
Golden Week holidays and so on.

Individual(1 top 14 person(s))
Adult 9,000yen
Junior high school student &
High school student
Elementary schoolchild 6,000yen

(Gunkanjima admission fee included)