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  • 九州・山口近代化産業遺産郡

Landing & Cruising course

Landing & Cruising plan

Please read the following before landing on the Battleship island

Rain gear You can use raincoats on rainy days. (We also sell raincoats for 200Yen)
Skin protection On nice weather days, the light is dazzling, so that we strongly recommend customers to bring up with them hats, parasols and other drinks.
Shoes Please put on sport shoes or shoes with a flat heel.
*The upper is for a security reason, due to the fact that the landing pier of the Battleship island is an iron-barred bridge. Walking with high heels is not recommended.
Clothes Customers shall wear clothes that allow easy movements. For example, boarding off the ship when landing on the island can sometimes be dangerous, so that wearing light clothes would be the best choice.
Time on land The landing has been fixed to 1 hour by the Nagasaki City office. We will go through a 220m long path, stopping at three lecture points, where the guide will tell you about the way of life on the island.
Regulation We are sorry but we are not allowed to go inside or next to the buildings, because of their poor state. We do not know when they will collapse. Instead, you will be able to observe the high-rise apartment buildings from the ship, when having a tour around the island.
Inside the island, you will be required to follow the guide and other staffs instructions, and move into a single group.
Due to the narrowness of the path, we will ask visitors to not take pictures standing in the middle of the path.
Notice We will pay the greatest caution and lead you to a fantastic tour !
Please feel free to tell our staff you have any request!
Below, are the weather conditions that will prevent from
landing on the Battleship island
Landing on the Battleship island is not possible when weather and security standards are not achieved.
There are about 100 days that are claimed to be achieving weather standards, in 1 year.
Here are the standards that would prevent from using the landing pier
1. When the wind blows over than 5 meters/second.
2. When the waves are higher than 50cm.
3. When visibility is under than 500 meters around.
*Even though upper standards would be achieved, the landing on the island would be canceled in case the ship commander judged it too risky for passengers.

When landing is impossible

Respect to the conditions of use of the Battleship island landing pier fixed by Nagasaki City, and respect to the conditions of navigation of ship companies, we will determine if landing is or is not possible by referring to weather information.
The ship has left the harbor, but waves were very high, and landing was not possible…
In case landing on Gunkanjima is not possible, we will refund you the admission to the island and give you our complimentary goods after the tour.
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