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Gunkanjima tour

Gunkanjima Landing & Cruising plan

Morning tour
Afternoon tour

■ Plan details


[particular days] 4,500Yen

Junior high school student & High school student

[particular days] 3,800Yen

Elementary schoolchild

[particular days] 2,500Yen

The price on particular days is different.
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Adult 300 Yen
Child 150 Yen

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■ Premium ticket


[particular days] 9,000Yen

Junior high school student & High school student

[particular days] 8,000Yen

Elementary schoolchild

[particular days] 6,000Yen

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Cruising plan

Morning tour
Afternoon tour

[Group] 2,700Yen

Junior high school student & High school student

[Group] 2,000Yen

Elementary schoolchild

[Group] 1,200Yen


[Group] 700Yen

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Ikeshima tour

Ikeshima walk and Gunkanjima tour plan

Tomorrow’s navigation schedule

Junior high school
student &
High school student

[Group] 9,000Yen

Elementary schoolchild

[Group] 7,000Yen

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Landing & Cruising course

Landing & Cruising plan


Highly Recommended: Visit Gunkanjima Digital Museum before boarding
We will offer priority ticket that enables you to explore the wonder of Gunkanjima Island at the Gunkanjima Digital Museum (GDM) before boarding.
Priority ticket will ensure that you are one of the first on-board so you can take your seat wherever you’d like.
Please note that priority boarding is available to customers from the Tokiwa Terminal from September in 2016.
With priority ticket, you can check-in between 9:00~9:30 for the morning tour, 12:00~12:30 for the afternoon tour at the GDM.
Customers are also entitled to receive a numbered ticket for priority boarding at the Tokiwa Terminal, which is scheduled to begin at 10:00 and 13:15 at the Tokiwa Terminal.

Meeting at the Gunkanjima Conciere
Company special lounge[ See the map ]
Please get off the street tram at the "Ourakaigandori street" station (about 20 minutes from the Nagasaki station), situated on the seaside and below the Glover Garden and the Ouratenshudo Church, which is also a national treasure. Going toward the seaside for a mere 30 seconds, you will find the Gunkanjima Concierge Company lounge (it is about 2 minutes away from the "Glover Garden" bus stop by walk, at the entrance of the "Seaside Park")

An elegant pier,
the "Tokiwa Terminal landing pier"
常盤ターミナル桟橋A pier elaborated by a designer in one of Nagasaki’s important touristic area.
The spot is famous for its Chinese look-liking pier, and is said to be the most beautiful terminal in Nagasaki, established together with the relaxation spot which the "Seaside Park" is.The Iojima Island landing pier with its palm trees alleys

The Iojima Island landing pier with its palm
Have a break at the resort-like red roof terminal, where you will find a stylish cafe to relax and enjoy your waiting time at.


Time table
Meeting time 9:50
Departure 10:10 -
Return 13:15
Meeting time 13:00
Departure 13:20 -
Return 16:20
Departure place
Nagasaki harbor - Tokiwa landing pier
Ioujima harbor - Ioujima pier

See the map

Navigation company
(JSC) Universal Workers
Name of the ship
Mercury - Capacity: 140 passengers
Hayate2 - Capacity: 40 passengers

*In addition to the Battleship island tour, we can also propose you other plans, such as, for example, a tour in the heart of the Nagasaki harbor. Please feel free and contact us for further information.


Gunkanjima map

[The Battleship Island map]The red line on the map, is the visit path we will follow during the tour, and which is about 220 meters long. After visiting the island, the ship will navigate around the island, so that you will be able to observe the highly populated high-rise apartments buildings situated on the northern part of the island.
Also, the ship will slowly take a turn away from the western part, the best point to take great pictures of the most “Battleship Tosa” look-liking shape of the Battleship Island.

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The "Mercury"
マーキュリーYou will board a ship called "Mercury", painted with the colors of the Gunkanjima Concierge Company and which can welcome to 130 passengers in. The ship leaves the pier, and you will be on the Battleship Island 30 minutes later.
By the way, the true name of the island is Hashima Island. It is now part of Nagasaki City, Takashima Town, as the number 3000. The whole island is comprised into this number 3000, which is little weird, isn't it ?

The Nagasaki harbor is full of discussion topics
Soon after departure are visible the former foreigners settlements, on the southern and the eastern parts of the hills. The old Glover Garden has been put on the Modern Industrial World Heritages temporary list. On the right spread the Nagasaki Mitsubishi Shipyards. Japanese first "hammerhead" crane is still active nowadays; also the state guesthouse "Senshokaku", the shipyard where the battleship "Musashi" was born, the Concierge guide will tell you everything about Nagasaki.

The ship went through the Venus Wing Bridge
The view at dusk time or when illuminated at night time is fantastic. The bridge was finished in 2006, and ties up The "Goddess" (area inside the Nagasaki peninsula) and the "God" (area of Kaminoshima).
Going through the Iojima Island, the ship enters the outside sea, and the waves will get higher…

Takashima Island is visible

It is the starting point of Japanese coal mining, initiated by Sir Glover and Yataro Iwasaki, the establisher of Mitsubishi Company. On this island are the Glover’s second residence and the Hokkeiseiko, a mining site which has been put on the temporary Modern Industrial World Heritages temporary list, thanks to its western style blast furnace. In old books we could find inscriptions saying "Takashima Island is the Eagle Island, and Hashima is the Wings Island": Takashima Island was for Hashima Island, an irreplaceable thing...

Going through Takashima Island is Nakanoshima Island
Nakanoshima Island has a longer history than that of Hashima Island. The guide will give you further information about it during the cruise.
Finally, the Battleship Island appears...

No matter how many times you go on it, the Battleship Island will have a different face each time. On sunny days or by rainy days, the island becomes a picture, anywhere you take it from. You will probably feel overwhelmed by the force emanating from the ruins.
A tour around the island
This tour around the island is one of the points of the cruise. The Dolphin pier being situated at the opposite side of the island, you will be able to gaze at the highly populated high-rise apartment buildings only from the ship. Each of these buildings has its own story. Also, the Hashima shrine altar is still standing.
This is the Dolphin pier. Facing the outside sea, without any protection wall, set on the shore will be difficult in case of violent wind. The crew will try hard setting on the shore. Until 1960, people were landing from the second floor of the ship, using moving ladders...
The trap is being set up. This day is a lucky day: the sea is calm, landing is smooth.
Let’s beware our steps when landing. The crew will avert you of the right moment to get off the ship in security. The picture on the left is the bridge that ties up the Dolphin pier to the island. The bridge is an iron-barred bridge, in which pin heels could get stuck: be careful.
At last, the landing!
The time has come to land

Probably due to the typhoons, the shore wall was torn so that the conveyor belt is visible. It is likely the confrontation of the ruins with the new-made path. Thus, the island was formerly called the “Island without green”, something it has been earning since then.

During the landing the Concierge guides will relate you everything about the life on the Battleship Island.

The ship will leave again about 1 hour after landing

Let’s go back to Nagasaki. The way back to the harbor will be marked by explanations about the Mitsubishi Koyagi docks or the Venus Wing Bridge, the “Abacus dock” and others. We, the Concierge guides, are always eager to draw your curiosity during the cruise. We will also trace the places where people acting for the expansion of Nagasaki and Japan lived, and tell you the history of the city at that time.
Everything is to get our customers satisfied of the tour. We want them to be feeling it was a good choice to come, and to achieve this we are learning about and improving every day.

From the Gunkanjima Concierge Company Staff