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  • 九州・山口近代化産業遺産郡
  • Forbs


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1Large-scale Digital Installation Gunkanjima Symphony

Gunkanjima prospered throughout the Meiji, Taisho and Showa periods. The island’s glorious past is recreated by a collage of valuable pictures and motion films.

3Featuring a Bird's-Eye View 3D model of Gunkanjima

Current 3D model of Gunkanjima using SfM technology, the latest image analysis technique, taken by UAV.

5Residence Recreated Life in the apartment buildings on Gunkanjima

Over 30 high-rise concrete apartment buildings stood. A room has been recreated where you may get a glimpse of the well-to-do life in those days.

2Touch Panels Help to Solve the Mysteries of Gunkanjima

Unknown mysteries of Gunkanjima, developed through a full use the most advanced technology of the time, are unraveled from different angles.

4Museum Original Motion Picture Gallery

Shot from a high altitude with UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle), this valuable film shows old and current Gunkanjima.

6Experience the Mining Shaft Road to the Coal Mining Point

Travel down the undersea mining shaft from the surface to the mining site by “gage” and trolley. Visitors can enjoy a virtual experience!

MUSEUM Web site

7Focusing on the Expressions of People on Gunkanjima

Inhabitants on Gunkanjima had different jobs and roles to play. We will focus on those people's expressions to offer a glimpse into their lives.

9Brush Painting Wonder Island

Japanese painting artist Kanako Kinutani presents a brush painting which uses ink made from coal on Gunkanjima. The painting reacts to the gestures of the visitors.

11Gunkanjima VR

The latest recordings of Gunkanjima, highlighting areas where people are allowed to enter. Wear Google VR and explore the off-limit places! There are 13 places you can visit using VR.

13Building No.71

Building No.71 was a gymnasium on the island. There are 3 models that show how it has been collapsing.

8Diorama×Digital Images Rhythm of the Island

A 1:150 scale diorama, along with digital images, will allow visitors to enjoy a virtual experience of the island's livelier days.

10Gunkanjima Building No.30

Building No.30 is an over 100-year-old building in Gunkanjima. Here, visitors can see a 1:30 scale model of the building. Listen and learn through interviews of people who lived in the apartment.

12Preservation of Gunkanjima

Gunkanjima is facing problems regarding its preservation. We collected information regarding its preservation from researchers in Japan. You can watch their interviews on the TV.

14The Road to Nomination on the World Heritage Site

Many people have been working hard to recommend Gunkanjima, among other industrial sites, as a location on the World Heritage Site. Here we will follow Koko Kato (executive director of NCIH), who has played a central role in the recognition of Gunkanjima.


MUSEUM Web site
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