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  • 九州・山口近代化産業遺産郡


Can young children (newborn children to 5) take part of the landing?
We can’t accept any reservations for passengers who have preschoolers from the tours on April in 2016.
We did everything we could to accommodate your request and accept reservations for group with preschoolers, however, our policy is safety first and we therefore set our strict guideline in place to make the tour as worry-free as possible.
We truly appreciate your understanding and look forward to your reservation.
Can I join the tour if I am pregnant?
Pregnant women are allowed to join the tour. Please be aware that there might be unpredictable circumstance such as inclement weather that may call for refuse or revoke pregnant to take part in the tour.
Special offer for Museum
Can I join the tour if I am in a wheelchair?
The boat is not wheelchair accessible, so we can’t accept a reservation or subsequently carry any customers with wheelchair.
Is the tour suitable for person with a chronic disease?
Person with chronic disease is required to need physician’s letter stating that the patient is in good health, fit to travel with boat. Due to unpredictable circumstances associated with sea conditions, we reserve the right to refuse or revoke person who has a chronic disease by the captain’s decision.
Are there bathrooms on the boat?
Thare are 2 bathrooms on the boat. Bathrooms are also available at the terminal.
Is there a waiting list for the tour?
Please let us know 1week before departure by telephone call if you wish to be on the list.
Where can I leave my baggage?
We can’t accommodate any baggage due to limited space. Please contact us in advance if you wish to leave your baggage.
Are video cameras and recorders prohibited?
To protect the copyright laws on intellectual property, it is forbidden to record the the guides’ explanations or videos shown on the ship for extended periods of time.
Is an anti-seasick band is available before the tour?
We are not allowed to sell an anti-seasick medicine in the ship. Please take the medication before boading if you are worried about seasickness. An anti-seasick acupressure band is available, which is said to be effective for 86% of people.
Is there a private parking ?
There is no private parking for customers. We are begging customers to stop their car at a parking next to our lounge (the nearest parking is the Tokiwa prefectural parking)
Access map
I would like to change the day of my reservation
Please contact us via the [Contact Us] form, by filling in your full name, the date of your original date of departure and the new date.
You can also make modifications by phone.
By e-mail
Do you charge for cancels ?
We don’t charge individual customers for cancels done until the previous day, until noon. However, we will fully charge for cancels done after that limit.
Cancellation Pollicy
Do you refund when the departure is canceled?
(Landing is impossible, and you won’t join in the replacement tour)
When departure has been canceled, we fully will refund our customers. We propose 3 methods of repayment.
Payment was made via a bank transfer
The fee will be returned to customer’s account. Please note that the refund may take up to a few months to be issued to the account.
Payment was made online with a credit card

The transfer has already been completed

We will apply a refundment procedure to the credit company, which will refund you the fees the following month.

The transfer is in process

We will ask the credit company to stop the transfer before its completion.

*It happens that transfer is still being completed even though we asked for the credit company to stop it. In that case, the credit company will refund you the following month.

Can physically handicapped persons take place on the ship too?
According to the weather, there are days during which the sea is rough, so that the ship will be more or less rolling during disembarkation and/or when getting on the shore. In order to have you have a nice tour, we will explain you about the tour process, so please do contact us by e-mail or by phone before coming. Thus, the entrance fee for handicapped persons with a handbook and for their caregiver, is half fare, so don’t forget to show us the handbook when coming at the reception desk.
Caution / Attention