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出航時間 状況

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Individual (1 to 14 person(s))

*Prices are tax included.
*Please contact us the day of your visit.
1 to 14 person(s): 300 Yens/adult, 150 Yens/child
15 persons and over: 240 Yens/adult, 120 Yens/child

*Persons over than 15 are considered as adult.

はやて2(40名/周遊コースのみ) 全日貸切チャーター135,000円(税込み)
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Battleship island landing tour schedule

More details

There will be guide’s explanations and DVD viewings before departure
We, The Gunkanjima Concierge Company, are willing to have you enjoying and learning things about the island as much as possible. To do this, we are exhibiting pictures and models in a lounge entirely consecrated to the Battleship island. After you got to the reception and before leaving the pier, the guide will tell you about the main characteristics of the island. We will also show you original videos during which you can have a look at the island in its operating ages.
This, is the beginning of the “Tale of the Battleship Island”….
A presentation of our great guides
We have a lot of experience in leading school excursions to the island. It’s definitely thanks to university related personal or thanks to people who were actually living there, that us, the Concierge guides, are improving and learning day by day. Thus learning about the Battleship island history (energy, environment, architecture, lifestyle and other) is a great studying material for student, as professors say.
Safety protocols(PDF)
*Please bring up a filled up copy the day of your coming. (one copy per person)
Pledge for a person responsible for protection(PDF)
*Please fill up the upper form when you are in charge of children under age of 6.